Welcome Message From Our Headteacher

Welcome to Wirral Grammar School for Girls.

We have been a Grammar School educating girls aged 11-19 since 1931 and now have just over 1,000 pupils, 300 of them in the sixth form. In August 2011 we became an Academy.

Our most recent OFSTED report (January 2008) judged us to be an outstanding school in all areas. Ofsted inspectors commented:

  • “Students’ personal development is outstanding. During their time at the school girls develop into confident, caring and responsible young adults who are very well prepared for the next stage in education and the world of work.”
  •  “Standards are very high and students make excellent progress.”
  • “Students’ achievement is excellent as a result of outstanding teaching.”
  • “Behaviour is exemplary and attitudes towards learning are excellent.”
  • “Relationships throughout the school are outstanding and there is an atmosphere of mutual respect where achievements, both academic and personal, are celebrated.” Continue reading

Leaving Staff

A sad farewell to leaving staff today: Steve Wooding, Emily Fisher, Chantal Loiseau, Anne Edwards and Kate Dickinson. Thanks for all that you have done for our girls!

Leaving Staff-17

Claire House

Our school has always had a strong, committed relationship with Claire House – Year 7 have raised £6562 for their work – well done girls! Due to this huge amount they have raised enough money to be able to ‘Pay for a day’. This is where Claire House will allow the girls to pick a day in the year where they will pay for the running of the hospice. This day will be dedicated to them and the girls will then be shown what has been done in that day when a representative will come back into school and hold an assembly for them. Please support their work:


Claire House-1

Video News

To celebrate the amazing enrichment activities that the school has been offering to its students over the last couple of weeks, please check out a page of videos which give a flavour for what has been going on – a whole rack of video links for you to enjoy!

Go to the page here

Year 7 Fun Run

Just to get us ready for activities pictures – here’s the great Year 7 inter-house fun run! A good time was had by all runners


Year 7 Creative Day

Last week we were given the opportunity to develop our creative skills in drama, newsmaking, art, dance, creative writing and presentation. In small groups we created our own pieces on the topic of New Year 7 in order to make them feel welcome and learn a bit about our school. It was really fun as we were able to really express ourselves and learn new and exciting skills. We really hope the new Year 7 enjoy it!

Youth Speaks national runners up

When we arrived at Brentwood we quickly discovered that were to be delivering our speech first out of all the eight times in the final. Whilst the thought of going first was quite daunting it did mean that we were able to deliver our speech and watch the other contenders. Kyla, as the chairperson, introduced our team and gave an introduction into our topic – the death penalty – that enthralled the audience. She then handed over to me and I delivered the speech for six minutes. My speech touched on the fact that mistakes can be made in the justice system and overall the death penalty is morally wrong as it enforces hatred and violence into our society. Once I had finished Hollie delivered the vote of thanks and concluded our presentation and left the audience with a lot to think about. On the whole whilst we were all very nervous after doing our speeches so many times it felt very natural and came easily. The other teams performed to a very high standards speaking about topics like ‘Feminism’ and ‘The importance of learning modern foreign languages’. However the Wirral Grammar School for Girls team was very proud to come home with our second place trophies. Out of around 800 entries nationally we all thought it was a tremendous achievement. It has been absolutely fantastic experience and we are very thankful to Mrs Simpson for all the effort she put in!

Cora Bullivant, Year 9