Wirral Girls Re-United

This part of the school website was created to provide a link between our many ex-pupils. We have included the names and comments from some who were able to attend the school’s 75th Anniversary. We hope in the future to include photographs of our ex-pupils from their period in school and possibly how they look now, in order for those seeking lost friends to re-establish contact again.

This can be done by contacting the school office at:

Wirral Grammar School for Girls
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Memories and additional information

1931 – 1936 Kathleen Greaves
(nee Nicholas)
I worked for British Telecom but have been retired for 25 years – my two daughters are living in the south of England so we keep in touch by phone. Life is very quiet and uneventful these days – but I like it that way, having spent a great deal of my time living and travelling abroad.
1931 – 1936 Margaret Hoffman
1931 – 1936 Margaret White After four years in WRNS, I worked at Clatterbridge until retiring.
1932 – 1937 Eileen Brooke
1940 – 1945 Jean Acres
(nee Caldwell)
Friendships made.
Happy times generally.
Enjoyed swimming lessons at Port Sunlight baths
1942 – 1949 Sheelagh Arden
(nee Kane)
All family involved in Old Girls Association.
1943 – 1949 Dorothy Price
(nee Theobald)
Married 53 years to Gilbert. Daughter Julie, 49, also Old Girl. Son David, 44. Four grandchildren (two boys, two girls). Member of WI and NAFAS.
1946 – 1951 Shelagh F Bourne Now well retired from teaching. Largish family comprising two sons, one daughter, their wives and husbands, and eight grandchildren. My husband and I are happily retired and still living locally.
1947 – 1953 Beryl Ousey
(nee Evans)
Married – 4 sons, 8.5 grandchildren. Live part of year in Cyprus.
1950 – 1955 Valerie Ensor
After being in the School Choir, have been a member of the Wirral Singers (Old Girls’ Choir) for 50 years. It has been a big part of my life and I have enjoyed every minute. My daughter, Jill, was also a pupil and is now a GP in Stratford-upon-Avon.
1955 – 1960 Eileen Ezra
(nee Wilkinson)
Enjoying athletics
Hating French
Forming good friendships
Good timestd>
1956 – 1964 Helen Teige
(nee Clark)
Manchester University.
Lived in Peru, USA, Belgium, Columbia. Worked in tourism with American alumni groups. Taught Spanish and French. Currently teaching English to foreign students. 3 children, 2 grandchildren.
1958 – 1965 Jennifer Sutton
(nee Shell)
Celebrating 40 years of marriage. Two children and five grandchildren – ages 14 yrs to 1 yr. Retired from lecturing in music and primary education 10 years ago! Now running my own Image Consultancy (kinder than Trinny and Susannah!) Thanks to Parky, I’m still singing professionally – my husband (conductor, bass player and singer) conducts three choral societies – so I’m kept very busy.
1959 – 1965 Margery Cox I work for a GP in Bebington as Data Input/Administrator and was fortunate enough to be promoted at the age of 53. I recently retired from various operatic and dramatic societies after 32 years.
1962 – 1969 Sue Hoffman
1963 – 1970 Hilary Dyce
(nee Law)
Language graduate. Lived in Portugal/France/Spain with husband and three boys. Taught antenatal classes for 12 years (NCT). Also adult education. Currently working as local support worker for Alzheimer’s Society in Surrey.
1963 – 1970 Evelyne Gibson
(nee Roberts)
Married an Ulsterman! Job – School Nurse in Belfast (not a nitty nora). Involved in health education in primary and post primary schools. 3 sons, 1 daughter-in-law and 1 grandchild due in December. 10 years in missionary work in Africa after marriage. Happy and healthy and very settled in N. Ireland – it’s a very lovely place and very safe!
1963 – 1970 Diane Ashton
(nee Thomas)
Graduated from Royal Holloway College, London, BA German in 1973. Worked locally in the Civil Service for 14 years before finally going into teaching – and not liking it at all! Now looking after lovely vet students at Leahurst. Married for 24 years, now divorced with a daughter and son 23 and 19 respectively.
1963 – 1970 Sue Evans
Still teaching at St. Helens in Abingdon. Teaching P.E. and Lacrosse coaching. Now a grandmother – Suzanne had a boy this summer 2006. Remember the P.E. staff so well. Miss Harris (Ros), Miss Thomas, Mrs Shepherd, Miss King. Loved my years here. Would do it all again.
1963 – 1971 Rosemary Thomson
(nee Johnson)
Many memories of people: Miss Ashton, Miss Parkinson, Miss Burdett, Miss Edkins; events: choir at Bromborough festival, Llangollen Eisteddfod, BBC Manchester Montreux; the play/farce we wrote and staged ‘Goldilocks and the 10 Dwarves’; the American history teacher who kept saying ‘um’ – we counted 43 in one lesson! One girl had an epileptic fit in the playground. Watching the boys from the ‘new building’. Being sent out of class for misbehaving. Music festivals, drama competitions etc. etc.
1964 – 1970 Margaret Ollerhead
(nee Scott)
Super occasion – lovely to meet up with old school friends. School looking fantastic.
1964 – 1971 Denise Abbey
(nee Currivan)
1964 – 1971 Lynne Blakeney
(nee Kemp)
Work for 3M company in Minnesota. Married to a Texan, Leon. Have 2 children, Robert (20) and Kate (18) – have lived in the States for 22 years. Came back especially for my 25th school reunion on September 30th.
1964 – 1971 Sue Arnold
(nee Tyrer)
1964 – 1971 Lesley Hamilton
(nee Timmons)
1966 – 1971 Barbara Wilson Awful hats that went in your pocket when round the corner out of sight. Equally awful summer dresses! Milk tokens for dinner. School milk 1/3 pint. Port Sunlight baths on Mondays. Miss Harris in sheepskin coat whilst we froze in culottes. Pale blue dance tunic. Thick cotton navy gym knickers.
1967 – 1972 Carolyn Strachan
(nee Lloyd)
Attended choir practice on Monday nights and loved going to extra gym on Friday after school (I still remember Miss Thomas and Miss Harris). Remembering horrible dance tunic and horrible culottes, huge navy knickers for gym.
1967 – 1973 Ann Tee
(nee Whitter)
I lived on Wirral ’til I left school then moved South to Bath where I married, had children and divorced. My present husband and I both sing! A real legacy from Miss Parkinson. The children, at 25 and 23, are through university. Both have had times in choirs and the ‘art’ carries on!
1967 – 1974 Hazel Butterworth
(nee Patten)
Married, no children. Husband Dave – met when I was 16. Taught in Chester at Upton High School before moving to Canada in 1980. Now a Reiki practitioner working with alternative health and wellness.
1968 – 1972 Julie Patricia Knights
(nee Wilson)
Hated swimming lessons at Port Sunlight Open Air baths (now the garden centre). Water always freezing and we were never given enough time to get dried and dressed – always returned to school with damp clothes on. Choir practices after school with Parky every Tues, Thurs and Friday (3 hours) and Mon and Wed lunchtimes – never allowed to miss them!
1968 – 1975 Davina Clare Webster
(nee Jones)
Music, lacrosse. Trip to Lorient. Miss Ashton was Headteacher.
1968 – 1973 Janice Longden
(nee Outram)
Been married for 27 years and living in the Peak District. Still teaching full-time (27 years!) in Sheffield. 2 sons aged 21 and 24.
1968 – 1975 Julie Jones
(nee Price)
Married to Bill – secondary school geography teacher, Me – Primary school teacher (part-time now), Guide Guider for 26 years for Guide company in Macclesfield. Also County Arts Adviser for Cheshire Border County Guides. One son, David, 20 years old.
1969 – 1976 Tina Douglas
(nee Timeke)
Very interesting and nostalgic visit!
1969 – 1976 Jill Devine
(nee Dugdale)
Taught for 12 years. 2 girls aged 12 and 10. Work in husband’s business Devine and Co. Solicitors as Conveyancer and accounts.
1969 – 1977 Carol Gillam
(nee Cheek)
1971 – 1978 Lynette Cooper I’m working as a Reception teacher in Bradford
1971 – 1978 Katharine Peters
(nee Bailey
1971 – 1978 Anne Jones I am Assistant Headteacher at a comprehensive school in North London teaching Chemistry!! Married, 2 girls, still playing netball badly.
1971 – 1978 Melanie Rickman Went onto university and to a Research career in Industrial Materials. Latterly working at a local college (admin).
1971 – 1978 Sandra Roberts Working as Headteacher of a junior school in Sale, Greater Manchester.
1973 – 1978 Kathryn Kennedy
(nee Stockton)
Memories inc the dreaded ‘open’ showers; the anticipation of the boys ‘invading’ our school at end of each Summer term; teachers performing ‘Maria Marten’; being in ‘Antigone’; trying to learn the school song (I never did succeed!) and having fun. (Occasionally doing some work!) Met my husband whilst I was here and he was at Wirral Boys. Our daughters, Anna & Laura, are now also ‘Old Girls’. Currently, I am an Examinations Officer at Wirral Grammar Girls – still a touch uneasy in the Headteacher’s Office, though !!
1975 – 1982 Brigid Benson Running a creative company – publishing, designing interiors and creating image libraries around the world. Self employed and loving it!
1976 – 1980 Maeve Ferguson Married, four children. Trained as a nurse late in life. Work at Arrowe Park – Orthopaedics. Resat GCSE at night school – A in Human Biology. Travelled to Australia alone to work as a student nurse for 1 month. Have a daughter who is here.
1976 – 1983 Barbara Carter
(nee Griffiths)
I am a teacher and have been since 1987 – between jobs at moment though! I’m married to Ian, a computer person with Littlewoods, and have a 6 year old twins, Hannah and Philippa.
1976 – 1983 Sharon Singleton
(nee Butters)
3 children. Their grandma is Gill Singleton (lab assistant). I am Project Manager in Civil Service. Never used Algebra!
1977 – 1983 Heather Cheek Everything is so different now. Great facilities, good to see.
1977 – 1984 Jayne McCoombe Work for Public Health, NHS. Married 13 years. Children – Isobel (10) and Robert (4)
1977 – 1984 Geraldine Ferguson A recent career change from Biological Research to teaching Biology. Did NQT year at Watford Grammar for Girls – still there now. I have a niece at Wirral Grammar about to complete her GCSEs.
1977 – 1985 Helen Benson Working a childcare lawyer for Leeds City Council. Mother of children aged 10 and 8. Still in the labour party!
1978 – 1983 Karen L Scowen
(nee Jones)
1978 – 1984 Anna Gillen
(nee Troake)
Married with 3 daughters, 2 of which are at Wirral Grammar! Working now as a district nurse.
1978 – 1986 Jane Fieldhouse
(nee Kerr)
1979 – 1986 Dianne Wheatley
(nee Beck)
Working in the Civil Service as an HEO for Government Office for the North West, in land use planning. Got married in 2005 to Andrew.
1979 – 1986 Jane Theaker
(nee Williams)
Working at Astra Zeneca as a scientist. 2 girls, Natasha, 4 and Nadia, 1. Life is pretty hectic!
1980 – 1987 Vicky Gillies
(nee Hardy)
Living in Bebington and working for Alliance and Leicester as a systems analyst. Married Ruaraidh in 1995 and have two daughters Erin (July 2002) and Beth (November 2004).
1981 – 1988 Jill Crowfoot
(nee Ensor)
I’m a part-time GP in Stratford-upon-Avon. I have 3 children – Katie and twin boys, Thomas and William. My parents still live locally and my mum was an old girl (1950-55) and still sings here every Monday night in the Old Girls choir.
1982 – 2007 Barry Thomas
I came young and thin and I will be going old and fat. Lots of great memories of both staff and pupils too numerous to mention. I wish Wirral Girls School all the very best in the future p.s. I think Mrs. Dickinson is fantastic.
1984 – 1989 Alison Jones Single with one beautiful daughter, Lauren Mae, aged 5. Very happy and would love to start school all over again.
1984 – 1989 Philippa Davidson
(nee Whitworth)
Divorced with two boys – Daniel (7) and Andrew (5). Working in a printers doing Accounts part-time. Still in touch with Sharon Carson and Alice Jones. Having fun!
1984 – 1991 Sharon Carson Single, no children. Sister Helen married with 2 children. Both still living in the area. I’m a Civil Servant. Still in touch with Allie Jones and Philippa Whitworth.
1985 – 1990 Heather Pointer
(nee Thomas)
Lovely memories. School changed so much. Assembly with Miss. Baines.
1986 – 1993 Andrea Bale
1986 – 1993 Joanne Stockton
1988 – 1995 Helen Neary Now working as Anaesthetic Registrar in Chester. Have returned to the North West after living in Leeds and Newcastle.
1989 – 1996 Rebecca Tripp Working as a nurse in a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, London.
1989 – 1996 Jemma Brown It’s been lovely to come back and see the changes to the school and nice to see old faces. Fab memories!
1991 – 1998 Rachael Walker
1991 – 1998 Joanna Atkinson After Wirral, went to LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts). Now working at Liverpool Hope University, lecturing in Technical Theatre. Will be getting married on 29th June, 2007 and will become Mrs. Harding!
1991 – 1998 Linda Whittle
1992 – 1999 Hayley Whittle
1992 – 1999 Jennifer Loon
1992 – 1999 Emma Sailes
Jo Cretney
Chris Magee
Ellen Mackie
Oh my God! The photos in Mrs. Dickinson’s room were of our class in year 9!
1994 – 2001 Jennifer Wood Currently working in A&E in Llanelli. Long term plans are to move to Spain with my lovely Spanish boyfriend.
1994 – 2001 Heather Grainger Completed degree (B.A. Hons) in English Literature at Loughborough. Then did Masters (M.A Distinction) at Essex University in Sociolinguistics and am about to start my PhD in Sociolinguistics. Not married as yet and no children – still busy being a student!
1994 – 2001 Alice Wakefield
Where do I start! Winifred Ashton’s teatowels; OFSTED; Christmas services in St. Andrews Christchurch; many, many concerts; visit to the Dome and other Millennium celebrations e.g. crane photographing ‘2000’ on the playground; the Language college first successful submission and the opening of a French Cafe in the Hall; putting on the coffee every morning at 7.30am etc. etc. One day the year 11 leavers, very early, strung a display of bras over the outside wall of the staff-room with the words ‘Thank you for your support!’.
1996 – 2003 Chamali Samarasekara I’m in my 4th year of medical school. It’s tough but amazing. Still blissfully single! But have many close friends from school that I still keep in touch with.
1996 – 2003 Sophie Errington
1996 – 2003 Becky Shaw
1998 – 2005 Grace Marsden I’m at Liverpool University doing a degree in Genetics. My sister, Lucy, who also attended Wirral, has just got a degree in International Development Studies and is currently travelling around Australia and New Zealand.
1998 – 2005 Kate Dunsford At college studying Childcare and Education. Qualify June 2007. Will be an aunty in November. I would come back to Wirral Grammar in a second!