Sixth Form Pastoral Care

Sixth Form is a time when our students develop emotionally and socially as well as intellectually. Our ethos is that each individual pupil should feel confident and empowered to succeed within their sixth form environment. That is why we offer excellent pastoral care and support to all our students, tailoring this to the individual student.

The Sixth Form Team is a highly experienced and close-knit team who support all students through their sixth form journey. At all times, students in the sixth form receive caring, friendly and informed advice and support to help navigate the additional challenges many young people face such as personal health and self-esteem, managing relationships, examination anxiety and making post-18 decisions.

Each year group has a dedicated Head of Year who stays with them throughout their sixth form journey. They are also supported by the Head of Sixth Form, a dedicated careers lead and an attendance lead who offers a supportive approach to helping students maintain good levels of attendance.

“I feel that all of the teachers and pupils look out for me and are there to encourage and support me when I need it. My teachers offer one-to-one support and give us their time and reassurance when we are struggling – they can always tell when something’s troubling us and are quick to offer support and a friendly face to talk to.”

Olivia, Year 13