A day in the life of a Year 12

When I joined the Sixth Form, I thought I knew what it was going to be like. Actually, we have a lot more freedom than I thought we would and I am trusted to get on with my work and manage my time in the best way for me. It’s great to feel like I’m being treated as a responsible adult.

When I arrive in the morning, I generally drop off some of my things in the Sixth Form Common Room and then go to my form room. My form in Sixth Form is great. We were given the opportunity to pick some people we wanted to be with which is great because I was confident from the beginning and had some of my friends with me. I’ve also been able to meet some more people that I didn’t know in the year group and have ended up with more friends than before. During form time, we generally have a topic to talk about or an assembly. I really enjoy debating and talking about current affairs! One form time a week, I have been working with a Year 7 form and helping them.

I only have three taught lessons a day, as I am taking A Levels in history, biology and computing, but that means I have time to work independently on subjects too. I am also working towards an EPQ so I have one session of this each week. EPQ has been brilliant in helping me develop my time-management skills and understanding of how to research a topic effectively.

There is a lot of independence in the Sixth Form. At lunchtime my friends and I generally go out of school, sometimes we go down to the shops or out for a walk. We also have clubs and societies at lunchtime or could stay in school with friends. I really like the flexibility.

I use my free periods to work or meet with my friends; it all depends on who is free! There are quite a few places around the school where we can work. I prefer to work in the atrium but we also have a timetabled lesson in the library which is helpful. We can also access computers to help with our work which is really good.