Free School Meals and uniform support

At Wirral Grammar School for Girls, all pupils are treated equally regardless of their home circumstances. We encourage families who are eligible, to apply for additional support as this does not only give financial support for your day-to-day living but also brings in additional funding to school which we can then use to ensure that your child can access all the opportunities that the school offers.

For further information, please follow this link: Free School Meals and Uniform support

Please see information about uniform support on the Wirral FUSS website here.

All applications for free school meals are to be made directly to the school through the Wirral Portal which can be found by following this link: Free School Meals Application

The daily free school meal allowance increased in September 2023 to £3.26 per day for eligible students. This free school meal allowance can be used throughout the day at breaktime and for lunch purchases. For example, your child could purchase a snack at breaktime and a meal deal for lunch. Any amount spent in excess of £3.26 per day must be paid for via your child’s online catering account. Please note that the allowance is reset daily and balances do not accumulate so it is in your child’s best interest to use their entitlement each day.