A day in the life

Two of our pupils, one from Year 7 and one from Year 10, take us through a typical day at Wirral Grammar School for Girls

A day in the life of a Year 7:

To begin my school day, I walk to school with my best friends after eating a breakfast of cereal or perhaps a bagel. Once at school, I continue to my form room until the first bell rings. One day a week I have year assembly, another I have hall assembly (Year 7 and Year 9 have assembly together) and for the other three days I have form time.

On a Wednesday, I go to my string group because I play the violin but that is also the same morning the Sixth formers come to our class to provide an assembly; most commonly an interesting quiz. It is great to have them come in because I have older students to ask questions about different things at school.

After this, I have my first and second lessons. On a Wednesday, I have maths and English which are my two favourite subjects. At break time, I usually go to the canteen to buy a mini pizza; my favourite out of the delicious options. Afterwards, I have period 3 which is history.

Following my first three lessons, I have lunchtime. There are many clubs to choose from and I have one every lunch! Some that you could choose from are Creative Writing Club and Science Club. Twice a week, I have school meals which are always extremely tasty; my favourite meals are the pizza slices and the salad pots. My last lessons are French and geography.

Finally, after school I go to a club of my choice. Ones I go to are netball and dance club. To end my day at school, I walk back home with my friends or, if it is raining heavily, I get a lift from one of my parents back home. Overall, my days at school are enjoyable and interesting; all qualities that I think make Wirral Girls a great school!

A day in the life of a Year 10:

Most days, I wake up at around 6:30am to have breakfast, get ready for school, then leave to catch the school bus just after 8:00am. Once in school, we have 20 minutes of form where we go to assemblies (hall assembly and year assembly), have reading time with our form book and take part in the weekly year 10 quiz. We are all given the choice to participate in school organisations, such as study buddy and Oxbridge club. In study buddy, volunteering older students are assigned a younger student that they meet with in form time once a week to help with homework, organisation and any other difficulties that they might need some assistance with. In Oxbridge club, which takes place every fortnight on a Wednesday form time, we are given time to research courses/colleges we would be interested in applying to at Oxford/Cambridge University and are given guidance about the best things we can be doing at the moment to boost our chances of acceptance.

After form, we have two, hour-long lessons (for example, continuing on a Wednesday, I have RS and Drama) followed by a 20 minute break where we can get snacks, for instance the waffles (which are definitely a personal favourite!) and mini pizzas from the canteen.

After one more lesson (Computing), I go to the canteen for lunch where I usually choose pasta bolognese or pizza with a brownie, or chicken and chips on Fridays. I would say that the canteen food is definitely worth trying, although we can also bring in a packed lunch. Furthermore, at lunchtime we have a variety of clubs that we can attend, including a wide range of sports, music, STEM and humanity-based activities.

I really like the mixed choir (a choir that combines both the girls’ and boys’ schools) and have been able to perform in many school concerts as a result. Other clubs that we can participate in include book club, debate club, netball and orchestra, just to name a few.

Continuing from lunch, I have two more lessons in the afternoon (Chemistry and French) which are an hour each. After school, I often take the school bus home, but if I am going to a club after school, I can take public buses or get a lift. There are a huge range of clubs to attend after school, stemming from sports to music and drama. I choose to take part in Platonix, the girls school choir for years 9 and above, and the joint school production (with the boys’ school), Fame. Through the clubs and subjects that I take, I have also been able to enjoy lots of extracurricular opportunities, such as the dance shows, the music concerts and school trips, including the Computing trip to Disneyland Paris and the French trip to Normandy. Both of these were amazing experiences where I was able to really engage with the subjects and make brilliant memories with my friends.