GCSE Results

Wirral Grammar School for Girls has outstanding GCSE Results 

The pupils of Wirral Grammar School for Girls are again celebrating the most wonderful GCSE results. Over 75% of all grades were awarded at the very highest grades of 9-7. It was immensely satisfying to record that the top grades of 9-8 rose to 54% and that over 90% of all grades were at grades 9-6. An exceptional 63 pupils gained 10 or more 9-7 grades. 

Ten or more of the very highest 9-8 grades were awarded to Debra Abraham, Kinza Ahmed, Lily Bloomfield, Charlotte Cond, Sophie Dolphin, Jane Farrell, Eleanor Hayley, Theo Jackson, Isobel James, Lucy Kennedy, Tania Kurian, Grace Littlejohns, Cheryl Magayisa, Hannah McAllister, Grace Moorhead, Ruby Noon, Nicole Palka, Jessica Rooney, Charlotte Simcox, Elke Spiers, Niamh Stephenson, Emma Stone, Ellie Strand, Hannah Terry, Nicole Uzonwanne, Prathana Vinoth and Emily Ward.

The following girls achieved grades 9-7 in all their examinations; Molly Anderson, Martha Backstrom, Cassiopeia Bentley, Amelia Bickerton, Isla Cole, Toria Cousins, Sophia Cowan, Bethan Daymond, Hannah De Ledger St Claire, Isobel Dodd, Georgia Doolan, Kaitlin Durn, Molly Evans, Abbie Folksman, Maisy Jay Furr Brady, Freya Fury, Rachel Gilbert, Olivia Greaves, Mia Hanrahan, Lily Harrison,  Lily Hogan, Afreen Hossain, Kira Hughes, Lily Jones, Holly Longman, Rachel Mills, Ella Owens, Ruby Parsons, Varanya Rath, Jasmine Smith, Mollie Smith, Samishka Srinivasarao, Maisy Tanner-Buttriss, Emma Williams, Jessica Wilson and Loren Wilson.

Headteacher, Mrs Elaine Cogan, attributed the wonderful success at both GCSE and ‘A’ level to the self-motivation of the students and the very high standards of teaching and learning within the school. This creates high aspirations and a desire of those in Year 11 to remain at the school and achieve further success in Sixth Form along with highly motivated pupils from other schools in the area. “I am thrilled that today has gone so well. The COVID pandemic over the last two years has been a particularly trying time for pupils, parents and staff. The girls and staff worked together throughout the COVID lockdowns to gain these outstanding results.”

The school prides itself upon the superb pastoral care offered to pupils, the outstanding range of extra-curricular opportunities it provides and the opportunity for pupils to establish friendships for life.

There is no doubt that the results at ‘A’ level last week were outstanding. To follow those results with these outstanding GCSE results is immensely satisfying and a true reward of the commitment displayed by pupils, parents, staff, governors and all associated with this outstanding school.

Mrs Cogan paid tribute to the teaching and learning within the school and said that, “staff, parents and pupils should be congratulated for such excellent examination results. It is immensely satisfying to be retiring from the school with the pupils achieving such outstanding results.”